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Software Help - Quantity Changes on Recipe?
May 07, 2013
(comment) The recipes print just like they are stored. To get a double recipe printed, use the "scale" feature on the re...
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Software Help - Quantity Changes on Recipe?
Apr 21, 2013
Hi I'm new to freezer cooking and this softare. My question is regarding the recipes for cooking day. I want to make 2 each...
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Software Help - copying info without exporting
Mar 20, 2013
(comment) To have one cookbook that both computers update, the best way is to have shared storage, a shared directory on...
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Why 30 Day Gourmet?

We’ll let our cooks tell you why:

Parents & Families say:

My friend and I are having a great time with this.  Our husbands are proud of us and our kids aren't hungry anymore.  We're not running through the drive-thru or making a meal out of soccer field food. Thank you for inspiring us!  It's well worth it and we're hooked.  
    busy mom from Missouri

The best part about 30 Day Gourmet cooking is how much my husband brags about our full freezer to all of our friends.  As a working mom, this has been a godsend.  My kids love the recipes. 
    teacher from Iowa

Although we are a small family, I was glad to see that is not a problem because your system isn't just geared to "large" families.  This is a true FAMILY cookbook.  Thank you for easy to follow instructions and ingredients I can pronounced 
    dual career family from New York

Just awesome!  I'm a whole new person come 6 pm. 
    home school mom from Florida

My 18 year old son and I made several meals for him to put in single serving sizes and take to his college apartment.  He finds this to be a quick and easy way to have home-cooked meals. 
    working mom from Ohio

Penny Pinchers say:
This cookbook is the best money I have ever invested! 
    frugal family from Washington

I recently compared my budget from a "before 30 Day Gourmet" year to an "after 30 Day Gourmet" year.  What a surprise!  I had cut our grocery spending by almost $1000!!! Thanks for the wonderful book! 
    computer analyst from California

Seniors say:
Your method works well for retirees who do not want to spend every day thinking of what to cook when we have more fun things to do.  The 6 person meal gives us 3 meals in the freezer.  I have enjoyed your recipes so much and tell everyone who will listen about this method of cooking! 
    retired secretary from Texas

I just started my daughter-in-law in freezer cooking and she loves it!  I had been cooking this way for years but your cooking manual made it easier to teach her how to do it 
    active grandma from Michigan

My kids are all grown and gone.  This is a great way to cook for the two of us.  We travel frequently and it works well to bring made-ahead items along in our motor home freezer 
    rv'ers from Minnesota (mostly)

Reviewers say:
The 30 Day Gourmet process gets a meal factory going in the kitchen.  A great idea whose time has come! 
    Daily News, Amarillo TX

The Freezer Cooking Manual seems to be one of the better publications of its kind.  A complete guide to filling your freezer. 
    Cookbook Reviewer @

What an inspiration this book is!  Well organized and streamlined, I recommend using The Freezer Cooking Manual to get and stay organized in the kitchen 
    D. Williams, President Organized U

"The Freezer Cooking Manual is  extremely popular with our library patrons. Our copies are literally worn out. This is a must-have for every public library collection." 
    Diana Lehr, Library Director
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