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Free Recipes – Here’s a list of our cookbooks. The titles are hyperlinked to a “sampler” of the book including an info page, table of contents and 3-4 recipes. You may reprint any part of the samplers without permission. Please credit and/or link to our website. Thanks!

30 Day Gourmet’s BIG Book of Freezer Cooking Sample Recipes - Beef Kabobs, Fried Rice, Hot Pizza Dip, Creamy Frozen Mocha Dessert.

30 Day Gourmet's Big Book of Freezer Cooking is our comprehensive system for assembling and freezing 4-6 weeks worth of tasty, nutritious entrees, side dishes and snacks in an easy-to-follow format. The Manual includes:
  • Time Saving Worksheets
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 150+ Delicious Recipes
  • Black & White Photographs for all Recipes
  • Nutritional Information for all Recipes
  • Multiplication Chart for Quantity Recipes
  • 250+ Equivalents
  • Indispensable Tally Sheet
  • Cooking Tips & Practical Advice
  • Master Mixes
  • Convenient Side Dishes
  • Delicious Snacks & Desserts


Slow Cooker Freezer Favorties contains tips on how to convert conventional recipes to slow cooker recipes, information on slow cooker safety, and tips on slow cooker care. The wide variety of recipes - from hearty stews, thick soups and sandwich fillings to breakfast, appetizers, side dishes or even beverages - are sure to become family favorites. Rediscover this wonderful appliance and how it can be a great time and budget saver!

Our 34 page downloadable ebook includes 25 tried and true freezer friendly recipes that will win rave reviews from your family. 

Slow Cooker Freezer Favorites Sample RecipesCranberry Pork Roast, Iowa State Fair Guinea Grinders, Wedding Soup

    The Souper Freezer Soups e-book contains all kinds of flavorful soups, from Chicken Rice to Taco Soup, Potato to Gazpacho. This book will take you through the steps of making your own broth, a basic of all soups. You can also use pre-packaged ingredients to speed up the process and we include those instructions. Freeze a large variety of soups in quantities you want - a bowlful for lunch or larger sizes for a family supper. Nothing could be easier!

The downloadable book includes 25 fantastic soup recipes as well as tons of great soup making and freezing tips! 

Souper Freezer Soups Sample RecipesTaco Soup, Chicken Rice Soup, Cheese Soup



Bulk cooking is gaining in popularity but there is little information available for vegetarians who want to be able to prepare meals ahead and freeze them. Vegetarian Freezer Cooking answers that need. It includes information about what foods vegetarians do and don't eat, and 25 recipes, complete with nutritional information. Over half the recipes are vegan (no animal products whatsoever), and many of the remaining ones can easily be converted to vegan with instructions included with the recipe. This is your complete guide to getting started with vegetarian freezer cooking right on your home computer.

Vegetarian Freezer Cooking Sample Recipes – Peach Fruit Soup, Egg Rolls, Carrot Cake


Do you love the idea of bulk cooking but are scared to death to tackle it by yourself? Try making it a team effort! You’ll find the challenges divided and the rewards multiplied. Co-op Cuisine will tell you how to get started cooking as a team. It gives practical tips to the leader of the group and features recipes multiplied by larger numbers so you don’t have to do the math yourself.

The downloadable book includes 44 pages and 25 recipes suitable for co-op cooking that are simpler to multiply by large quantities. It highlights Easy and Super Easy recipes that are good for the beginners in the group.

Co-op Cuisine: Freezer Cooking with Friends Sample Recipes – Ham Steaks, Wild Rice Quiche, Carolyn’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


Do you find it a challenge to plan healthy and nutritious meals day after day? Do you want to learn how to reduce fat, sugar, cholesterol, and salt in recipes? Then Healthy Freezer Cooking is the ebook for you! By looking at changes made to sample recipes, you learn how simple changes to recipes can really make a big difference your diet. The book includes tips on how to reduce fat in a recipe, information on all of the different sugar substitutes available, tips on menu planning, and a new chart for planning fruit and vegetable servings. There is also a resource section with over 20 websites and other reading materials that can give you even more information on healthy cooking.

The downloadable book contains 47 pages with 25 great tasting healthy recipes – 21 recipes with 10g or less of fat per serving! Nutritional analysis included for all recipes.

Healthy Freezer Cooking: A Guide to Creating Nutritious Meals Sample Recipes Beef with Broccoli & Onions, Seafood Potato Chowder, Little Taste of Cheesecake Bars


How do you decide what meals to serve to the children in your care? Do you know if they meet the Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements? Do you find yourself scrambling to fix supper for your family because the last daycare child doesn’t leave until suppertime? Then let Freezer Cooking for Daycare Providers and Busy Parents help! Learn how to simplify your meal planning with these kid and family-tested recipes. Get tips on persuading picky eaters to eat. These recipes are not only great for daycare providers but moms, too. Each recipe conveniently lists how it meets the Food Program requirements.

The downloadable book contains 34 pages with 25 recipes, including everything from breakfast to snacks to main meals.

Freezer Cooking for Daycare Providers & Busy Parents Sample RecipesOven French Toast Sticks, Beef & Cheese Crescents, Chocolate Chip Muffins


Everybody loves dessert, even if they won’t admit it, right? But how many of us really take time to make all those scrumptious desserts we love from scratch? I’d say the answer is not too many, based on all the quick-and-easy, ready-to-bake cookies, brownies and pies you can buy at your local grocery store. Help is on the way with Freezer Desserts to Die For! Now you can make desserts from scratch, and keep them in your freezer, just like you do with the rest of your freezer cooking!

The 42 page downloadable ebook includes time-saving tips, helpful hints, packaging info and more than 25 recipes to help stock your freezer with sweets!

Freezer Desserts to Die For Sample Recipes – Cherry Delight, Cheater’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Brownie Pie


Would you like to learn how to safely pack a balanced lunch for your children, your spouse or even yourself? With Freezer Lunches To Go you can! Learn about food safety, using lunch boxes and thermoses and how to keep the variety going. A list of great ideas for sides along with plenty of time and money-saving tips are also included.

The downloadable ebook contains 42 pages with 25 delicious lunch-to-go recipes.

Freezer Lunches to Go Sample Recipes – Montreal Chicken Sandwiches, Creamy Garlic Pasta, Individual Pumpkin Pies


Learn how to cut your food budget up to $200.00 each month with easy to follow tips and delicious recipes that will have your family asking for seconds! Each Freezer Cooking on a Budget recipe conveniently lists the average assembly cost per meal and per serving and there is even a low cost & substitutions sheet to print up and tape inside your pantry door.

The ebook contains 34 pages with 25 recipes.

Freezer Cooking on a Budget Sample Recipes – Crunchy Chicken Strips, Pasta Primavera, Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting


Holiday Freezer Cooking is our unique system for assembling and freezing your entire holiday meal, as well as appetizers and breakfast/brunch foods, ahead of time. No more all night cooking! Make dinner when YOU have the time! Our traditional feasts serve 6 to 36 guests without the traditional hassles.

The ebook contains 36 pages with 26 great recipes!

Holiday Freezer Cooking Sample Recipes - Frozen Waldorf Salad, Sweet Potato Soufflé and Merry Kiss-Mousse Pie


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Co-op Cuisine
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Freezer Cooking for Daycare Providers and Busy Parents
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Freezer Cooking on a Budget
Freezer Cooking on a Budget
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Freezer Desserts to Die For!
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Freezer Lunches to Go
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Vegetarian Freezer Cooking
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