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Kitchen Fun with Carol

Hi everybody! I don't know if it's hot and humid where you are but it has been a scorcher here this summer. We have had weeks of temperatures in the nineties with extremely high humidity thanks to hurricane Dennis.

I always try to plan ahead for the summer months when I put together my summer menu. I avoid meals that will heat up the kitchen. That means we usually do a lot of grilling, cooking with a slow cooker or microwave, or cooking meals that are quick and with very little cooking time.

I usually organize the menu by the day of the week. Saturday and Sunday meals are quick and easy so that we can get in and out of the house for church and family activities. Monday is a slow cooker day. This gives me time to catch up with chores around the house after a busy weekend. Tuesday is a grill day. Wednesday is Mexican with tacos, burritos and fajitas. Thursday is Chinese stir-fries or soups cooked in the slow cooker. Friday is family night. If it's cool, the kids usually want homemade pizza or calzones. If it's hot we cook something special on the grill like grill packets or some marinated chicken and grill fries. Some of our favorite recipes include Meats in Marinade, Swiss Steak, Debbie's Chicken Marinade, Delicious Pot Roast, Meatball Subs, Montreal Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken Salad, Pork BBQ, Chili cooked in the slow cooker, Taco Salad and Sloppy Joes.

We are year round grillers. We have been known to light up the grill in the dead of winter with six inches of snow on top of the grill! We have accumulated our fair share of grill recipes over the years. Some are favorites from friends and family. Others are ones that we have created on our own. Some can be frozen and others cannot. We love trying out new recipes or trying to adapt existing recipes to be cooked on the grill.

Last year while shopping for a Father's Day gift for my Dad, I came across an expandable grilling tray that is used for cooking vegetables on the grill. It expands to fit the depth of your grill. We love using it. You can use it to grill potatoes, vegetables or even cook bags of frozen French Fries. How convenient is that!

One of our favorite new recipes this summer is grilled zucchini. You cut 3 small zucchini into 1/4 inch slices. Cut up 1 green pepper into 1/2 inch chunks. Cut up 1/2 of an onion into 1/4 inch chunks. Mix it all together with 1/3 cup of light Italian dressing and 1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning. Grill on a vegetable grilling tray or a cookie sheet at medium heat or about 350 degrees until the veggies start to brown and are crisp tender. This is a wonderful side dish!

This issue of Chewin the News brings you two new grill recipes including some tips on grilling potatoes or French Fries. Read more about it below in the Bonus Recipes section.

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Bonus Recipes

Grilled Chicken Parmesan

I remember seeing a commercial for Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil. In the commercial they created grill packets. They placed the food inside the wrap and folded it to seal it. This allows you to cook your meat, sauce and vegetables all at the same time on the grill. This idea is great for freezer cooking as well! You can prepare the grill packets ahead of time and freeze them. When you want to grill, just take them out of the freezer and let them thaw completely. Heat up the grill to the appropriate temp and you are ready to make a great meal!

My husband loves Chicken Parmesan but I don't like to heat up the oven for 45 minutes in the summer. Grill packets became our solution to the problem. It's easy to create your own grill packet. Tear off a piece of foil that is 18 inches long. Layer your recipe in order of cooking time. Meat usually takes the longest amount of time to cook so start with the meat on the bottom. Add any toppings and sauce.

Once you have all the ingredients layered, it's time to make the packet. Bring the short sides of the aluminum foil together and fold over twice. Center the fold in the middle of the packet. Now fold over the ends to completely seal the whole packet. The packets can be cooked immediately or frozen for later use.

Click here to view/print this recipe!

Grill Fries Seasoning Mix

We wanted a way to cook potatoes and French fries in the summer besides using the microwave. We love those seasoned fries that you get at restaurants so we created our own seasoning mix. You can use this either on regular potatoes or on plain frozen French fries. We grill them using a vegetable grilling tray. I have also used a regular a cookie sheet. The secret is to make sure that you flip the potatoes or fries over every couple of minutes so that they don't burn.

Click here to view/print this recipe!

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Recipe of the Month Contest Winner

Recipe of the Month... April's Chicken Marinade

Our winner this month is April from Beaverton, OR, with her recipe for April's Chicken Marinade. This recipe uses honey. I have never frozen honey in a marinade before. Most information on honey talks about the quality of the honey after freezing. It tends to make baked goods mushy because it breaks down. This is not an issue with marinade and it worked great for us!

I am always looking for a great marinade. There's nothing simpler on cooking day than putting a marinade together, adding the meat and then freezing. It's a wonderful thing! We tend to eat a lot of chicken in the summer and this recipe tastes great! My kids even asked when we would be having it again. I just love it when that happens! I would also suggest trying it with pork chops.

Let's meet April:

I am a stay-at-home mother of my three-month-old baby girl, Allison. Before her birth, I was a high school English teacher with an hour-long commute. My husband and I have been doing 30-day-gourmet for a couple of years. Every time we make a meal that we know freezes well, we make a huge batch and freeze a bunch of it in entree size Gladware containers. The individual servings work great for us, because we can just grab one out of the freezer to take to work for lunch (much healthier than frozen meals from the grocery store, and tastier too), and it doesn't take long to build up a variety of meals. On nights when neither of us feel like cooking "from scratch," we just grab meals out of the freezer. This keeps us out of the fast-food restaurants. This poultry marinade is great tasting, simple to make, and doesn't include expensive ingredients. I found it on a hand-out that I received in a high school foods class from the Oregon Turkey Improvement Association, 13 years ago. I used it a lot when I was still a single first-year teacher with no money. Enjoy!

Click here to view/print the August Recipe of the Month.


You too can get in on the winning! Just post your favorite freeze-able recipe on the message boards. Congratulations, April!

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Freezer Cook of the Month Contest Winner

Our winner this month is Theresa from Houston, TX, with her great story about the "five second rule" and freezer cooking!

Theresa says:

The new "newsletter"(s) are great! It was so great to get the one from Carol and then from Nanci so close together. The fact that my sister, a friend and I just had a marathon cooking day on Saturday probably influences my excitement. It was my friend's first time cooking the 30 Day Gourmet way and my sister's first time in 8 years! We made 94 batches of entrees, breads, muffins, soups, sandwiches and of course, desserts! I started at 6 AM finishing my make ahead items (browned beef and fat free white sauce) and we finished around 9:30 PM. Our final recipe was the Chicken Pockets and since we had been working so diligently and hadn't stopped to eat dinner (lunch was pizza delivered to our door), we were eagerly anticipating the timer going off to signal the first tray of them being done. In my overly eager state, I opened the oven door (the upper of a double oven) and pulled out the pan and apparently those chickens had a rebirth and flew right off the pan onto the floor!!!! Unfortunately the 5 second rule didn't apply due the day's worth of build up on the floor (uncooked rice, cornflake crumbs, etc.). We were so hungry we really wrestled with the thought of digging into the steamy pile of 12 crescent rolls filled with the cream cheese enrobed chicken ... BUT couldn't get past the hairs and rice sticking to it all. So, we waited 10 more minutes and enjoyed the second batch:) When it was all over, we felt like we did after walking a half marathon back in January, but we are in that afterglow of awe at our full freezers! The new newsletters keep me inspired and act as a 30DG Rolaids (relief for the "I'm so tired of browning, cutting, mixing, stirring, labeling, storing, I don't want to do this anytime soon" feeling I had at 10:30 PM Saturday night). Thanks for doing a great job as usual !!!!!!

Thanks Theresa! We're glad you are enjoying the new newsletter format and are encouraged by them.

So, how do you make 30 Day Gourmet work for you? How do you use it to help you deal with a challenge in your life? How do you use it to help others? Do you have a funny cooking story to share? Email me at to be entered in our contest. Congratulations, Theresa!!

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Closing Comments from Carol

I hope you enjoy the recipes and the grilling tips! Next month we'll talk about back to school lunch and after school snack recipes. Post your favorite tips, tricks and recipes for packing lunches on our message board, the Cook's Corner. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to share! 


Email me at with any questions, ideas, suggestions or problems. I enjoy hearing from you!

Have a great month!


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Freezer Cooking News from Nanci

Happy August everyone!

Funny how life changes. I can remember being anxious to get back to school when I was a kid because I missed my friends. Once I got out of college and began teaching, my back-to-school perspective changed. A teacher's view is totally different. It's all about imparting wisdom and challenging young minds!

When I became a mom and was home with three kids under 5, I can remember envying the moms whose kids were going off to school. I saw the looks of relief on their faces:) Then I became that relieved mom (except for about 5 years of homeschooling:)) and boy did those years fly by. Now I've come full circle and live both roles - mom and teacher.

So I'm figuring that this is my 42nd year to experience "back to school" in some fashion. This year I will go kicking and screaming. The summer was too short! My kids are fun to have around now! I didn't finish my "to do" list!

We are so hard on ourselves, aren't we? I have been bemoaning the end of summer for a few weeks now (teachers report on August 12th). I've been staying up late, running around like a chicken with its head cut off and muttering about all of the stuff I didn't get done. Yesterday, I had a moment of inspiration. I thought that maybe I should actually write down everything I DID get done. Of course, these are the big things. Moms never put "vacuum living room" or "stop everything and run to Walmart for shampoo" on their lists of accomplishments. We just DO those things. Over and over and over again.

I'm sharing my list to encourage you. Each one of you has a list a proverbial mile long of what you accomplish each day or each summer. If you wrote it all down it would fill a book. Maybe your list includes changing 20 diapers a day or taking care of your aging parents. Just know that you are valuable and what you do is important!

So here's "What I Did Over Summer Vacation". (Maybe the English teacher will give me extra credit points eh?)


  • cleaned out my dresser and closet

  • updated my wardrobe

  • cleaned out Bob's dresser and closet

  • updated Bob's wardrobe

  • organized my greeting cards

  • bought all birthday cards for next year

  • cleaned out Jenna's room

  • gave a van full of stuff to Goodwill

  • cleaned the basement to make room for Kaytee's "not taking to college" stuff



  • researched scholarships for Becky

  • finalized all of Kaytee's college loans & scholarships

  • set up online bill pay with our monthly bills

  • gathered medical bills and faxed to Medical Spending Account

  • got all 6 of us to the dentist

  • did Kaytee's cavity follow up app't

  • went to Adam's orthodontist appointments

  • researched prices to yank Becky's wisdom teeth

  • went to 2 of Kaytee's dermatology appointments

  • took Kaytee to eye doctor for new contacts

  • took myself to eye doctor for exam and bifocals (ouch!)

  • helped Kaytee open new bank account & close old one

  • helped Becky complete safe driver stuff for State Farm

  • helped Becky look for a car, test car, pay for car, and fix car

  • helped Becky insure car and do plates and registration

  • renewed my driver's license



  • helped Becky get ready for a week of camp counseling in Wisconsin

  • spent a long weekend in Michigan visiting family & attending cousin's wedding celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary

  • vacationed in Alaska for 10 days

  • sat in airports on standby for 2 days

  • hosted my sister from Maine for 6 days

  • helped Becky get ready for a week at CIY (Christ in Youth) in Illinois

  • helped Becky study for SAT

  • hosted my mother-in-law, niece and nephew from Michigan for 4 days

  • went to Brickyard qualifications for a day of sun and speed

  • took Jenna and her friend to the pool several times

  • watched about 50 episodes of Gilmore Girls with Becky

  • supervised several of Adam's "band" practices

  • took Adam to buy the 6th Harry Potter book at 1 a.m.

  • got my first ever manicure and pedicure!

  • shopped with Kaytee for school

  • shopped with Becky for school

  • shopped with Jenna for school

  • got Becky's senior pictures taken

  • made lots of special breakfasts (homemade donuts or pancakes)

  • made lots of cookies, brownies and other sweet treats

  • made lots of lunches & dinners

  • slept in lots of days

  • connected with friends



  • read The Negotiator by Dee Henderson (recommend it!)

  • read new Janet Evanovich book (don't recommend it!)

  • watched the 1932 version of "Of Mice & Men"

  • watched the Harry Potter movies (1,2, & 3)

  • bought posters, pillows, etc. for my classroom



  • cleaned out my office

  • hired Becky to make 100 of each CD before school starts

  • hired Adam to shred pre-2000 orders and haul old filing cabinet out

  • hired Jenna to fold and bag aprons

  • switched to UPS online

  • switched to

  • sent the postage meter back

  • fixed Becky's computer

  • bought Becky a new printer and set her up to do CD's and labels

  • upgraded my system to XP

  • reorganized monthly newsletter


That makes me feel better. I will never get it all done. I am a hopeless list maker and I always put too much on the list. I have learned the value of doing things the EASIEST way possible though. Like online bill paying and direct deposit and e-mail. If your current methods aren't working, try something NEW! I realized this summer that I really need to get a handle on snacks around here. My kids have slowly slipped into junk food junkie mode. They can drive themselves to McDonald's (or pay their sister to drive them). There are vending machines everywhere they go. They are bombarded with TV ads for fast food. They can quickly forget what "real food" is.

I really believe in the adage that a parent's values are more "caught than taught". One of the best ways that we can keep the art of cooking and baking alive is to model it for our kids. I don't make my kids help anymore (other than carrying groceries) but I really think that just seeing me in the kitchen with an apron on doing actual COOKING rubs off on them. When Becky went to a week-long conference on a college campus recently they were given a food debit card to use for their meals. She had her choice of 5 or 6 fast food restaurants. At first, she said, it seemed like heaven. On her way home, she called from the church bus and begged me to cook her a "real" dinner that night. She was so tired of fast food. Music to a mother's ears!:)



So my big push this past week was FOOD. When I re-did the family budget this summer I realized that we are spending too much money on snacks and school lunches - whether that means lunches bought at school or those Michelina lunches that I was buying too many of. I did a big cooking day earlier this week and had the kids taste-test everything before it went into the freezer.

I highly recommend Carol's ebook Freezer Lunches to Go. It has great recipes along with tips and loads of ideas. Click here to check out a free sampler including three recipes. Download it now for only $6.95.

You can also check the "Recipes" section of our site and search by "Type" to find great lunch and snack recipes that can be frozen.

Here's what I made:

Pizza Burgers from the website
We all love these. The kids will use them more for after-school snacks than lunches since they are best reheated in the oven or toaster oven.

Click here to view/print this recipe!

Awesome Mac 'n Cheese from the website
Kids these days don't know what REAL Mac 'n Cheese tastes like so I made one batch and tried this out on the kids before freezing any. On cooking day I actually had 4 extra kids here (Adam's band and a friend of Jenna's) so I got a good sampling of teens. They ate the whole pan! I think the Velveeta gives it that "Kraft" taste. I froze individual servings to reheat in the microwave.

Click here to view/print this recipe!

Pepperoni Sticks from the Freezer Lunches to Go ebook - I put cheese dip and spaghetti sauce in small Ziploc containers and put them in the fridge for the kids to grab to go with the breadsticks

Chicken Pockets from the Freezer Lunches to Go ebook - The crust using the crescent rolls is great! I did an egg wash so that they had that shiny look. I did a quick price comparison on these and the popular "Hot Pockets". You can make them for about .50 each. Hot Pockets are about $1.00 each. Bob and I love the chicken and cream cheese filling in these but the kids didn't care for it. I substituted their favorite "hot pocket" fillings.

Becky's Turkey, Bacon & Cheese Pockets
4 pockets - 1/4 C. honey mustard (she likes the O'Charley's brand we buy at Walmart), 4 slices turkey diced , 4 slices white American cheese diced, 4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled (makes 1 C. filling. 1/4 C. filling for each pocket)

Adam's Pizza Pockets
4 pockets - 1/4 C. pizza sauce, 1/2 C. pepperoni, 1/2 C. shredded mozzarella cheese (makes 1 C. filling. 1/4 C. filling for each pocket)

Easy Chicken Fettuccine
I adapted this recipe from a recipe-of-the-month winner. Adam likes the Michelina's Fettuccine but they are $1 and at 8 oz. each it takes 2-3 of them to fill him up. I made him 20 oz. servings for the same $1 price. Our homemade version has lots more chicken, broccoli and cheese in it also. The store-bought ones are primarily noodles. I use the shredded Parmesan & Romano cheese. It costs a little more than the grated cheese but tastes better in this recipe I think.

Click here to view/print this recipe!

Tara's Favorite Muffins
I set out to make a muffin that could replace the Entenmann's Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins that Adam loves. They are $2.50 for a box of 25 making them .10 a piece. He eats 5 at a time easily. So I tried using this recipe adding 1 C. of chocolate chips. I reduced the oven temperature to 350 degrees and baked the muffins for about 12 minutes. They came out great! The trick is not to over bake them. If a kid sees anything that looks DARK they declare it BURNED you know?! I made 60 mini-muffins for about .05 each. Yeah!

Click here to view/print this recipe!

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Website News

July - best month in 2 years!
Thanks to the weekly newsletter format and the special sale, business doubled in July. Thank you to everyone who ordered! Please pass the word to your friends. Our newsletter is FREE! Tell your friends to sign up. Recommend us in your e-mails and Christmas letters:)

Links & Banners
If you have a website and would like to link to the 30 Day Gourmet website, you can sign up as an affiliate and earn a commission from every sale that results from your link. Just click here to sign up and download links and banners.

800# no longer available - sorry folks but I have dropped the phone line. I know that doesn't seem very professional to many of you but here are my reasons:

  • I am rarely here during business hours.

  • My # is one off from the "Just for Men" hair replacement product that is advertised on TV. I was getting tons of their calls and even though the voice mail clearly said "30 Day Gourmet" they were still leaving their addresses and asking me to send them a free sample.

  • My basic phone bill for the business line was running over $100 a month.

  • Since we got cable in the house (the office is in the basement) I really didn't need a separate line for the computer anymore.



Business Talk
I know that it isn't smart business to reveal the exact size of your company to anyone but hey - what's the big deal? I run the whole business out of my basement office. I process the orders, answer the e-mail, coordinate the newsletter with Carol, Tammy & Shelley by e-mail, keep the products stocked, and pay the bills. When I get mail addressed to the "customer service" department or the "business manager" I just laugh. I am all of those departments! I fill about 150 orders each month. I also send books to Amazon and to distributors who fill orders for bookstores.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail. I try to respond within a day or two. If you e-mail is about the following, I will forward it. Best to contact these people directly.

Orders & Consultant Questions -

Software - visit the message board's software section or e-mail Shelley & Gaylen at

Newsletter - direct your questions about newsletter content, recipes or access problems to Carol at

To change your e-mail address for the newsletter, you have to go to the site. We aren't allowed to change your address for you.

E-books - Contact the ebook author directly if you have a question about a recipe, etc. Their e-mail address is on the front cover of the ebook.

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Emails from Happy Customers


Freezer cooking has changed my life, and I am so grateful for your book. I started about 2 1/2 years ago when my twin boys were just over 1. I work full-time outside the home, and my husband is a full-time student training to become an elementary teacher. He loves it too because it gives him (a non-cooker) a chance to help with dinner since he gets it started most evenings.

                                                        Jenn T.


Several months ago I purchased your "e-book" Co-op Cuisine from the internet, and started a freezer cooking co-op. Your book helped me tremendously in the start-up of our group. It was the only good resource I found about a cooking co-op. So thank you for taking the time to write it and share your experience with all of us.

I run a cooking program through my church and have had approx. 12 women in the group. Not the same women cook every month but there are three of us that have remained the same every month since I started. My church has asked me to run this program as a way to bring more women together in fellowship with one another each month. It has worked wonderfully. Women come together and talk, cook and have fun. We meet new people each month. My church loves it, I love it, the ladies love it and it is by far the best idea I have been able to offer my church. Everyone thinks this cooking once a month is just the grandest idea there is. Thanks for coming up with it.

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Closing Comments from Nanci

That's all for this month. Tomorrow I report back to school and shift into teacher mode. In a few weeks, I will be knee deep in The Scarlet Letter and planning our December musical. Next Wednesday, I drive our eldest to college. Oh my. On Monday, our youngest starts middle school. Life is a vapor friends. Carpe Diem!!


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Cookin' at the Keyboard with Shelley

When I started freezer cooking eight years ago, I began by cooking enough meals for one month at a time. It wasn't long until I started to double the recipe quantities, stocking the freezer for two months instead of one. With a little extra planning and only one extra day in the kitchen, we've been able to freezer cook every four months. We plan a cooking session in early February (after we've recovered from Christmas), June (stocking the freezer with lots of marinades for the barbecue), and October (to get us through the busy holiday season).

One summer I had selected several chicken marinades and multiplied each by a quantity of four (one for June, July, August, and September). After assembling individual recipes of each marinade in separate freezer bags, I added my chicken pieces to each bag and anticipated a hassle-free summer at the backyard barbecue. Everything went as planned until some unexpected company arrived in late August. I went to my freezer and found that I had one bag of Teriyaki Chicken, one bag of Spicy Grilled Chicken, and one bag of Debbie's Chicken in Marinade...but not enough of anything to serve my guests. The result was a quick trip to the grocery store for me!

I learned my lesson that summer. Now I freeze my marinades separately from the meat. It's easy to find 1-cup and 2-cup containers on sale and they store conveniently in the freezer door. I specify the container needed for each marinade recipe in the Advantage Cooking software, and then use the Container Report to anticipate the number of containers I need to have on hand.

Using this method, I can spontaneously react to the carefree days of summer, mixing and matching meats and marinades. Here are three new ideas for the grill that we've enjoyed this summer.

 Spicy Grilled Chicken

Ready to try something new? This marinade is a little different because of the strong, spicy flavor. The older our daughters get, the more they like it.


Click here to view/print/import this recipe!


 Blackened Chicken Rub

We like to use this seasoning mix for grilled chicken sandwiches, which has become our recipe of choice to serve to company this summer. Butter and toast the sandwich rolls on the grill. Everyone will rant and rave!

Click here to view/print/import this recipe!


 Montreal Burgers

Grab a stack of burgers and throw them on the grill. Sprinkle with Worcestershire sauce and Montreal Steak Seasoning. For a stronger flavor, repeat on the other side after turning. It doesn't get any better, or easier, than this!

Our family gave a big "thumbs up" to April's Chicken Marinade and the Grill Fries Seasoning Mix that Carol shared in her newsletter earlier this month. We are planning a "back-to-school" mini-cooking day next weekend and are anxious to try some of Nanci's snack and lunch recipes. Her cost analysis has given me added incentive to do some extra baking before school starts! Thanks, Nanci!



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Software Suggestions

Scaling Recipes

I've received a request for the Advantage Cooking software to print recipes in "column" format, similar to the Freezer Cooking Manual. It is possible to use the software to generate the scaled quantities for any recipe entered. Here's the process.

Unless I'm trying a meal for the first time, I always cook multiple quantities of a recipe. Depending on the nature of the recipe, I will assemble the ingredients in one of two ways.

The first method is used when the recipe ingredients are difficult to divide into individual meals. Marinades are the best example. Instead of combining four times the quantity of one recipe in a bowl and then trying to separate the "layers" when I'm done, I'll use four different bowls (or freezer bags) and assemble one recipe, four times. In this case, I don't need to multiply the recipe ingredients while I'm cooking; the original recipe has all the information I need. The critical step is to make sure I buy the correct amount of each ingredient! When planning for my Cooking Day, I must be sure to enter a quantity of "4" for this particular "Cooking Day Recipe" before generating a Grocery Report.

A good example of the second method of assembly would be meatballs. I don't want four different bowls; I want one bowl with four times the recipe. To print a recipe with the ingredients already calculated, use the "Scale" option in the Recipe Manager. Select the desired recipe and click the "Scale" button. When the scaling window appears, enter the desired multiplication factor ("4" in this case), check the "Copy Recipe" option, and click "Scale." A new recipe will be added using the same recipe name, followed by the quantity. All the ingredients are automatically multiplied by the scale factor! Print this new recipe and use it, instead of the single version, when assembling the recipe. Please note: when planning for the cooking day, be careful when selecting the "Cooking Day Recipes." If you select the single version recipe, enter a quantity of "4". If you select the scaled version of the recipe, enter a quantity of "1". Either method will calculate the correct amount of ingredients on the Grocery Report. (An easy mistake would be to select the scaled version of the recipe, enter a quantity of four, and come home ready to make 16 recipes of meatballs. Oops!)

You will notice that scaling a recipe can result in some unusual amounts and measures of ingredients. Use the "Change Measure" button at the bottom of the window to quickly convert to equal, but more easily used, measures (e.g. 12 tablespoons = 3/4 cup).

Click here to download a free trial version of the software!

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Closing Comments from Shelley

I was surprised when a friend of mine recently said to me, "I haven't been able to freezer cook for awhile, but I think of you every time I grocery shop." Reading the puzzled look on my face, she went on to explain that she uses the Advantage Cooking software to create her grocery list every week. Tammy also mentioned in her July newsletter how helpful the grocery report can be. Whether or not it's time to focus on your kitchen and restock your freezer, take a few minutes this week and enter or import a new recipe or two. You'll be laying a foundation that you can build on tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll see you back here next month!



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