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Software Help - Quantity Changes on Recipe?
May 07, 2013
(comment) The recipes print just like they are stored. To get a double recipe printed, use the "scale" feature on the re...
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Software Help - Quantity Changes on Recipe?
Apr 21, 2013
Hi I'm new to freezer cooking and this softare. My question is regarding the recipes for cooking day. I want to make 2 each...
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Software Help - copying info without exporting
Mar 20, 2013
(comment) To have one cookbook that both computers update, the best way is to have shared storage, a shared directory on...
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Find a Speaker

Thank you for your interest in having 30 Day Gourmet come and speak to the “frustrated cooks” in your organization. We would love to share our fun, new way of facing that daily, daunting task of meal preparation. 

Nanci is available to available to do 30 Day Gourmet seminars in the evenings and on Saturdays if they are within 25 miles of Indianapolis. During the summer months, traveling outside the Indy area is fine. Click here for more information.  To see a list of Nanci's previous media appearances and seminars, click here.

Our 30 Day Gourmet Consultants are also available to speak with your organization. Click here to find a consultant in your area.

Seminar Testimonials 
Nanci, you were absolutely fabulous today. I don't think I have ever enjoyed listening to someone talk about cooking so much!
Sandy from Wisconsin

I attended your workshop a few weeks ago. I've got to tell you something. If I NEVER freeze one dinner, the evening was still worth it! You were so human and practical and funny! I needed to get out of the house for an evening and relax and laugh. Many thanks!
Rosie from Indiana

Your seminar was presented with lots of humor and great ideas. I was really inspired!
Christine from Illinois

Your seminar was great! I was pleased that you entertained as well as informed. Thank you for saving me from the trap of cooking food from Schwan's every night!
Tamara from Indiana

What a wonderful, information and fun evening! Two minutes into the program, I regretted that I hadn’t told more people about it! My mind started working through all the women I know that could have benefited from your knowledge even if they wouldn’t cook 30 meals at a time! I hope you’ll be in the area again soon! Thanks so much. May the Lord continue to bless you and those you love!
Mary from Indiana

Thank you so much for coming to Purdue. I can’t tell you how many people have commented about your two sessions – your enthusiasm, how much they learned and how much fun it was to learn from you!
Janet Gordon, Purdue University
Home and Family Conference
W. Lafayette, Indiana

The service you are providing is definitely needed! I saw your “act” last March – you were wonderful!! How you combined hilariously funny and informative – WOW!
Linda from Iowa

An enthusiastic thumbs up on the 30 Day Gourmet seminar. Thanks for all the good wisdom you are passing along! You’ve made our lives so much simpler already!
Dawn and Denise from Kansas

I just came from attending your seminar in Terre Haute, Indiana with my friend. We both run a daycare in our homes and have a family of 4 each to feed. We are very excited to start your ideas in our homes. Your show was funny and exciting.
Deb from Illinois

I just attended your presentation at Cowan last night and can’t wait to get started and having more time with my family by using 30 day cooking! Your presentation was great and thanks for what you do!
Tricia from Indiana

I bought a manual at the F.E.M.A.L.E. conference in Chicago in October and have just finished my 3rd month of 30 Day Gourmet. How wonderful! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cook every night again!
Melissa from Illinois

Loved your seminar! I laughed until I nearly cried! My friend and I haven’t started cooking yet, but we both have your book and we’re geared to go!
Donna from Indiana

I recently attended your astoundingly funny 30 Day Gourmet seminar at our church and bought your cookbook. I know with my family of 6 and the busy lives we lead that this is worth the investment and time spent learning to cook this way. It will make all of our lives easier and healthier for the children, as well as us.
Linda from Michigan


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