Media – FAQs


What contact information should I list in my article about 30 Day Gourmet?

Any (or all!) of these would be great!

How can I get a free review copy of your cookbook?

Just email Nanci at and include your credentials, intended audience, and any other relevant details.

Do I need permission to reprint information or recipes available on your website?

Generally, no. We just ask you credit the source by listing our website. The exception would be if you are including our recipe in a “for profit” setting. Then, just email us: and we’ll discuss it.

Can I reprint your pictures along with the recipe?

Sure thing. Just include the name of the recipe and our website.

How do I direct people who would like to purchase your cookbooks?

30 Day Gourmet’s BIG Book of Freezer Cooking is available at:
most bookstores
many local libraries

Our downloadable ebooks are available on our website at:

How do I schedule a radio interview?

Email Nanci at: to schedule an interview by phone.

Is Nanci available for television spots or interviews?

Email Nanci at with your possible dates and she’ll check the schedule and try to work it out.