TV & Radio Interview Questions



  • How did you get started as a freezer cook?
  • How long have you been cooking this way?
  • How has your freeer cooking changed since 1993?
  • What were some of your big breaks & celebrity moments (appeared with Dave Barry, Gayle King, Cristina Ferrare, chef Nick Stellino, John Tesh and even a set of quintuplets!)
  • What is unique about 30 Day Gourmet? (provide follow up support and help through our website’s message boards, facebook pages and email)

Most commonly asked questions

  • What is freezer cooking?
  • Do you have to be a good cook to make it work?
  • Do you need a huge freezer?
  • What do you do so the food doesn’t taste “previously frozen”?
  • How do you package the foods?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Do you save money? time?
  • Is it healthier?
  • What doesn’t freeze well?
  • Does this work best for a certain size family?
  • Is it just a “girl” thing? Are there any 30 Day Gourmet men out there?

What does your book include? 

  • Planner section to walk you through the process, full color photos of the steps and all of the recipes, worksheets, 150+ recipes all multiplied out, appendix section
  • Member access to additional recipes and downloadable worksheets online

Contact Information

What contact information should I list in my article about 30 Day Gourmet?

Any (or all!) of these would be great!

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