A Month of Breakfast and Lunches


Do you struggle with serving the same old stuff every day for breakfast and lunch? Tired of toast and juice, or peanut butter and jelly? Why not schedule a rotation for these two meal chores. Maybe you can pick out your 14 favorite breakfasts and lunches and place them on the calendar. This will eliminate the decision-making in the early hours of the day and aid you in shopping. You can make sure you have what you need on-hand for these meals. This is another great use for the Meal Planning Calendar in your worksheet section. Post it on your refrigerator, or some other safe place and refer to it in the morning to know what you will have to do to prepare in advance for these meals.

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Breakfast Ideas

Oatmeal with raisins Pancakes with syrup French toast with fruit toppings Breakfast pizza (sausage and ham are good)
Hard boiled eggs & toast Bacon & blueberry muffins Fried eggs & biscuits Breakfast burritos
English muffins & scrambled eggs Bacon & toast Biscuits & bacon Breakfast egg casserole
Hashbrowns & eggs Cold cereal Bread pudding Cream of wheat with fruit
Breakfast McBiscuits Fruit cobbler Cheese toast & fruit juice Grilled peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
Granola cereal with milk & fruit Scrambled eggs, cooked with sliced link sausage Granola bars Waffles & syrup
Potato pancakes & apple sauce Scrambled eggs with diced ham Cinnamon rolls Scrambled eggs with cheese
Drop biscuits with cheese Sausage in a blanket (rolled in a pancake) Biscuits with sausage gravy Bagels & bacon
Toasted banana bread Cornbread with warm syrup & butter Apple squares

Lunch Ideas

Spaghetti with marinara sauce Grilled cheese sandwiches Chicken noodle soup & half of a ham sandwich Vegetable soup & breadsticks
Macaroni & cheese Tuna salad sandwiches Pasta/veggie salad Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole wheat
Taco salad (try using our Taco Rice recipe) Burritos Baked potatoes with toppings Cheese filled shells
Baked ziti Cheeseburger quiche Sloppy Joes (meat portion can be frozen) Chicken nuggets with tater tots
Breaded fish fillets & oven fries Baked cheese sticks & tossed green salad Tacos (meat & cheese can be frozen) Cheeseburgers (meat only) and home fries
Ham quiche Seafood/pasta salad Veggie or cheese pizza Nachos (meat & cheese can be frozen)
Hot dogs & french fries Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches Bbq pork sandwiches Bean & bacon soup
Chicken salad in pita bread Beef vegetable soup & corn muffins French bread pizza Bread sticks with marinara sauce, and cole slaw
Stir fry veggies over rice (cooked rice can be frozen) Chef salad Hot buttered noodles & frozen fruit salad

Feel free to substitute lunch items for breakfast items. There is no law stating that waffles are only for breakfast or grilled cheese sandwiches are only for lunch! Use your creativity to come up with your own list of favorites. Once a week or so, you can look over your lunch and breakfast choices and make a shopping list that includes any items you will need.