Freezer Cooking Myths


Myth #1 – It takes a whole day to do the cooking. The great thing about our system is its flexibility. Don’t have a whole day? Do a 3-4 hour mini-session. Or triple up on your dinners for a few weeks and build up some reserves. Cook 10 of the same recipe and find 9 friends who will do the same. Then swap ‘em out. There are lots of ways to get the job done! And after you try the 30 Day Gourmet plan, you will realize that the time you save in meal preparation and cleanup each evening is well worth the time it takes to shop and cook in large quantities – even a whole day’s worth.

Myth #2 – Only gourmet cooks can do this. Absolutely not! Only the most basic cooking knowledge is needed for most of these recipes. Our 3 Easy Steps are just that – easy. All of our recipes give very detailed instructions so that even the least experienced cook can be successful.

Myth #3 – Owning a large freezer is a must. Actually, about 30 family size entrées will fit into a standard refrigerator’s freezer. But it does help to have some extra space. Chest freezers are an inexpensive option and hold a lot more food than you think! Upright freezers are easy to organize and take up less floor space.

Myth #4 – All those freezer containers and pans will cost a fortune. Use of freezer bags makes it economical to get started. The foods in them can be thawed and put into your favorite dish for baking. Slowly acquire freezer containers, glass casseroles, and metal baking pans at garage sales and discount stores if you like. Some 30 Day Gourmets use freezer bags almost exclusively, while others opt for a menagerie.

Myth #5 – Freezer foods don’t taste fresh. Our 30 Day Gourmet recipes are made “from scratch” and are designed so that you assemble your foods and freeze them to cook after thawing. All the aromas and flavors of fresh cooking remain. For those extra busy days, you can also choose to prebake some of your entrées and side dishes so that you only have a short warm up time.

Myth #6 – Most of the foods my family likes to eat probably can’t be frozen. Actually, most foods freeze really well! Just follow our recommendations and you’ll be surprised by how delicious your food will taste.

Myth #7 – Having meals in the freezer means that I can’t eat out. Ha! Don’t believe that one for a minute.

Myth #8 – My family will get tired of eating the same meal over and over again. The easiest way to avoid this is to plan at least a two week rotating menu. Never repeat a meal for at least two weeks. In your plan, include some meals that you generally make fresh such as “breakfast for dinner”, quick soup and sandwich night, homemade pizza night, etc. Make freezer cooking fun for your family by letting them help you pick out the recipes to include in your cooking day. This will make the recipe rotation more enjoyable for you and your family!

Myth #9 – My family won’t eat casseroles. Freezer cooking doesn’t mean casseroles for every meal! There are so many different foods that freeze great. Try our marinades, soup, sandwich, and breakfast recipes for starters! Learn more about the myths of freezer cooking in our Big Book of Freezer Cooking

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