Resource Links


Alabama Cooperative Extension System
An article entitled “The Do’s and Don’ts of Freezing Foods.”

Beef It’s What’s For Dinner
Recipes from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

Campbell’s Kitchen
Home to Tasty Tuesday recipes. The site also has instructional videos on preparing food.

Clemson Extension
This site offers tips on freezing and packaging as well as a chart for info on freezing commonly prepared foods.

Clemson Extension
Tips on what to do with the food in your freezer if you lose power.
Links to several recipe databases

Handyman Wire
Article on freezer maintenance.

Iowa State University Extension
Article on how to remove odors from the freezer.

King Arthur Flour
Lots of recipes for breads, cakes, cookies, desserts, etc.

Kraft Foods
Large online recipe database. Has a nice “healthy living” section with a menu planner and several tools and calculators.
Nestle’s recipe and menu planning web site.

Michigan State University Extension
Article on freezer emergencies.

Michigan State University Extension
Page has multiple links to articles on freezing foods.

Pork The Other White Meat
Recipes from the National Pork Board.

SACO Foods
Makers of dry non-fat milk, real buttermilk, premium blended cocoa, dipping chocolate, and real Chocolate chunks. Has lots of great baking recipes.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Good overview with special info for freezing fruits and vegetables.

The National Chicken Council
Recipes from the National Chicken Council.

The National Fisheries Institute
Seafood recipes from the National Fisheries Institute.

The National Turkey Federation
Recipes from the National Turkey Federation.

The Ohio State University
Basic info on freezing foods.

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Services
Article on what to do if the freezer breaks down.

University of Missouri- Columbia Extension
Links to multiple articles on freezing foods.