Rewards of Freezer Cooking


The rewards of freezer cooking are numerous and each cook’s #1 may be different but here are the ones we hear over and over:

Reward #1 – It’s flexible and fits my lifestyle. Face it. Our lives these days are busy. It’s unrealistic to think that we can meet the dinner challenge the same way that our mothers and grandmothers did. Many of them knew by 9 a.m. every morning what they were serving for dinner that night. Not in today’s homes! With hectic jobs and busy kids’ schedules, most of us don’t even start thinking of a plan until late afternoon. 30 Day Gourmet’s plan means you can still put together a great meal – all from your freezer. Seniors and singles. Work-outside-the-home moms and work-at-home moms. Grandmas, teachers, accountants, even truck drivers! This works for everybody!

Reward #2 – It saves me lots of money! Eating out or going to the grocery store today for tonight’s dinner can be very costly. A family of 4 can easily spend $25+ on a fast food dinner or pre-packaged frozen dinners. Using 30 Day Gourmet’s plan will lower your food bills! Our cooks average $6.00 for each main dish recipe (4-6 servings) and many spend even less. Think of what you could save! And tell us you don’t have a better place to spend that money.

Reward #3 – It’s healthier. Using the recipes in this book means you’ll be cooking “from scratch” which also means that you’ll be cutting way back on the unhealthy ingredients found in processed foods. Unlike lots of other freezer cookbooks, we provide nutritional information for every recipe in this book and on our website. This makes substitutions easy which helps when you are cooking for special diets.

Reward #4 – I love the fresh, home-cooked taste. You’ll eat few “pre-packaged” and even fewer “drive-thru” foods. Will you miss them? Don’t worry about losing flavor. Learning to package your freezer foods correctly takes care of that. There’s no skimping on taste with 30 Day Gourmet’s recipes!

Reward #5 – I’m enjoying a greater variety of foods. At 6 p.m. most of us can only think of 2 or 3 entrées we know how to make! Not anymore! With a little planning, 30 Day Gourmet cooks freeze a wide variety of great-tasting foods. American favorites, Chinese, Mexican, Italian – it’s your choice!

Reward #6 – I have more free time. With foods ready in the freezer, you will suddenly find yourself with more time at the end of the day. Sure, getting them into the freezer will take some time but those last minute trips to the store, unwanted dinners out and sinks full of pots, pans and cookware are time-wasters of the past.

Reward #7 – I have enough to share with others. Most of us are hospitable at heart and would really love to help others out but our daily busyness keeps us from doing it. When you have extra food in the freezer, it’s so easy to pull out a pie or a whole meal to share.

Reward #8 – I actually enjoy cooking now. For many of us, it’s not the cooking that we hate. It’s the daily grind of it all. Having food in the freezer gives you the flexibility to decide when (if ever) you want to cook. Some use their creative juices for baking great desserts, some for fresh salads and others for trying out new recipes.

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