Why 30 Day Gourmet?


We’ll let our cooks tell you why:

Parents & Families say:

My friend and I are having a great time with this.  Our husbands are proud of us and our kids aren’t hungry anymore.  We’re not running through the drive-thru or making a meal out of soccer field food. Thank you for inspiring us!  It’s well worth it and we’re hooked.  – busy mom from Missouri

The best part about 30 Day Gourmet cooking is how much my husband brags about our full freezer to all of our friends.  As a working mom, this has been a godsend.  My kids love the recipes.  – teacher from Iowa

Although we are a small family, I was glad to see that is not a problem because your system isn’t just geared to “large” families.  This is a true FAMILY cookbook.  Thank you for easy to follow instructions and ingredients I can pronounce. –  dual career family from New York

Just awesome!  I’m a whole new person come 6 pm. – home school mom from Florida

My 18 year old son and I made several meals for him to put in single serving sizes and take to his college apartment.  He finds this to be a quick and easy way to have home-cooked meals. –  working mom from Ohio

Penny Pinchers say:

This cookbook is the best money I have ever invested! –     frugal family from Washington

I recently compared my budget from a “before 30 Day Gourmet” year to an “after 30 Day Gourmet” year.  What a surprise!  I had cut our grocery spending by almost $1000!!! Thanks for the wonderful book!  –    computer analyst from California

Seniors say:

Your method works well for retirees who do not want to spend every day thinking of what to cook when we have more fun things to do.  The 6 person meal gives us 3 meals in the freezer.  I have enjoyed your recipes so much and tell everyone who will listen about this method of cooking!      –  retired secretary from Texas

I just started my daughter-in-law in freezer cooking and she loves it!  I had been cooking this way for years but your cooking manual made it easier to teach her how to do it .    –     active grandma from Michigan

My kids are all grown and gone.  This is a great way to cook for the two of us.  We travel frequently and it works well to bring made-ahead items along in our motor home freezer.    –      rv’ers from Minnesota (mostly)

Reviewers say:

The 30 Day Gourmet process gets a meal factory going in the kitchen.  A great idea whose time has come!   –   Daily News, Amarillo TX

The Freezer Cooking Manual seems to be one of the better publications of its kind.  A complete guide to filling your freezer.   –    Cookbook Reviewer @ ivillage.com

What an inspiration this book is!  Well organized and streamlined, I recommend using The Freezer Cooking Manual to get and stay organized in the kitchen.   –       D. Williams, President Organized U

“The Freezer Cooking Manual is  extremely popular with our library patrons. Our copies are literally worn out. This is a must-have for every public library collection.”   –     Diana Lehr, Library Director

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