Advantage Cooking Software FAQ


Q: When I click on the spot for Advantage Software users, I get a web page with what looks like the file typed out in Notebook. 

A: It has to do with the file associations and which programs are setup to handle the .rcp files. The work around is to right-click on the link and select “save” and put the recipe into a file on your computer. Then you can go into Advantage Cooking and import that file. Or you can switch which browser you are using. Clicking on the link should work in Internet Explorer.

Q: How do I move my Advantage Cooking Software recipes file to a new computer if I am running version 1.X on the old computer and 2.X on the new computer?

A: The instructions to move from a version 1.x computer to a new computer with version 2.0: 1) On the old computer, copy the contents of the C:\Program Files\AdvCooking directory to the new computer and put all the files in C:\AdvCooking. A USB drive is a nice option. 2) Run Advantage Cooking 2 on the new computer and tell it to “Use Existing Cooking” in C:\AdvCooking.

Q: On my grocery report I am getting measurements in teaspoons. How do I fix this?

A: An example: 3 cups spaghetti sauce is showing as 144 teaspoons. Anytime an ingredient is showing up in a base measure like teaspoons, it means that there is no packaging defined for that ingredient. Advantage Cooking needs to be told how to buy the ingredient in the grocery store. For milk, packaging could be “Gallon”. Sugar packaging could be “Bag (10 pound)” or “Bag (25 pound)”. Packaging for spaghetti sauce could be “Cup” or “Jar (30 ounce)” As a rule of thumb, whenever you add an ingredient define the packaging or put in a conversion. If a recipe calls for carrots, those are purchased in eaches and so you’ll find that there is a packing for carrots of eaches. The recipe probably calls for so many “cups” of carrotts. So how can the software tell you how many carrots to buy? Because you add a “conversion” like 1 cup = .75 each. Then when you need 2 cups, the software can tell you to buy 2 carrots.

Q: Does Advantage Cooking make conversions such as 4 Tablespoons = ¼ cup? 

A: In the lower window of the Recipes tab is the Change Measure button. Click the button to see
the available conversions and make a selection.

Q: Are there any plans to include MasterCook .mx2 importing?

A: Yes. That feature is slated for a future release.

Q: How do I keep from losing the recipes I’ve entered when I upgrade to a new version of
the software?

A: If you do not want any of the recipes in the new version, you can install only the new program. If
you want the new recipes included with the new version, export your recipes, install the new version
and then import your recipes.

Q: Some of the packaging amounts in the Grocery Report are way more than what recipes
call for. For instance, one of my recipes calls for ½ pound of cheese and the Grocery Report
says that I’ll need 1 – 2 pound package. Why is that?

A: The Grocery Report specifies the “best fit” packaging. This means the packaging option that
provides the closest to what is needed. If there is a smaller package available, add it to the ingredient
packaging and the Grocery report will use it.

Q: I entered a new recipe that called for bananas. I added all the ingredients in and
printed the grocery list, but bananas would not show up. Hmmm?

A: The Grocery List includes only the ingredients necessary to assemble the recipes listed on the
selected Cooking Day. The new recipe that you entered must be added to a Cooking Day in order for
“bananas” to appear on the Grocery List.

Q: This shopping list is set up with Cheese and Dairy as two separate ingredient types. I
tried to delete the cheese category, but it wouldn’t let me. How do I combine the two types
into one?

A: Go through your ingredients and move all the Cheese ingredients to Dairy. You can then delete
the Cheese Ingredient Type.

Q: It’s my first look at the software and I can’t figure out how to do anything!

A: Click Help in the main menu and use the tutorials.

Q: How do I change the ingredient’s packaging? I used the “Define Ingredient” button to
add the ingredient, now how do I change the packaging? I just guessed at packaging and
wished now I took that part more seriously.

A: See the Ingredient Packaging section in the latest version of the Advantage Cooking Software Manual.

Q: When someone emails a recipe and I want to add it to my recipe list, will the program
automatically add an ingredient if I do not already have that particular one in my ingredient list yet?

A: Yes, anything that is missing is added when the recipe is imported.

Q: When the program is out, will I be able to update what I have here or will I need to
email myself the recipes and then import them enter into the “new” version that has the
more recipes?

A: You can export the recipes instead of sending them to yourself. This allows you to install the new
version with the new recipes and them import your existing recipes.

Q: What does “conversion” mean?

A: Conversions are used to change an ingredient that cannot be purchased into an ingredient that
can be purchased. Diced tomatoes cannot be purchased (normally). So a conversion from diced
tomatoes to whole tomatoes allows Advantage Cooking to include on the Grocery Report how many
whole tomatoes are needed.

Q: How do I move around without moving the mouse?

A: The underlined letters on the tabs and buttons are the shortcuts keys. Hold down the Alt key and
press the underlined letter. Alt-C switches to the Cooking Days tab, Alt-R switches to the Recipes
tab, etc.

Q: How do I save changes to the recipe before closing the program? As I was getting used
to the program and playing around with the buttons, I noticed that it would change things in
the recipes. If I were asked to save changes I would be aware that I changed something.

A: We’re afraid you would quickly grow tired of answering the same question over and over again.
Advantage Cooking saves your changes automatically.

Q: I would like to see a “Low-fat Recipes” recipe category.

A: It can quickly be added in the Recipe Category tab.

Q: All my new recipes are going to the bottom of the list. Why is that?

A: You’re probably putting in your recipe titles in all lowercase letters. Your recipes are placed in the
list alphabetically. The recipes included with Advantage Cooking are entered in mixed case,
uppercase and lowercase. The lower case letters sort after the uppercase letters. So if all your recipe
titles start with a lowercase letter, they’ll go to the bottom. The solution is to capitalize the first letter
of your recipe title.

Q: Can I e-mail an entire cooking day’s worth of recipes?

A: No, not at this time, only one recipe can be e-mailed at a time.